Saturday, September 23, 2006

rum46 1/2 round about in Chicago

Right now we are a group of five that is in Chicago working on a project that is called "1+1>2 – Looking for surplus". In Chicago we are based at Mess Hall from where our project will be presented. "1+1>2 – Looking for surplus" is an interactive game invited people from the street to participate, discuss and define social surplus.
While we are here we a going to meet several groups and spaces as well. We are meeting with Jim Duignan from Stockyard Institute, Kevin Kaempf and Lora lode from People Powered, Daniel Tucker from AREA magazine and Dan Peterman from Experimental Station. If you want to know more or meet with us please write to:

Playing the game "1+1 > 2 - Chasing Surplus" in Wicker Park, Chicago.

Presentation at Sct. Pauls University, Chicago.

Collecting word and symbols for the game near Mess Hall, Chicago.

Preparing for project and meetings, Mess Hall, Chicago.